Kingdom citizens of all nations, unite!

1) JESUS PREACHED THE KINGDOM, WHAT CAME WAS CHRISTIANITY, a man-made religion full of democratic compromises and human traditions that, since 2000 years, has systematically rejected the theocratic government of Jesus Christ, his law and his Kingdom economy. Christianity thus became the mother of a genetically modified church that has little in common with God’s original intent. CAWKI, Church-as-we-know-it, became the enemy of Church-as-God-wants-it.

2) THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE WORLD FROM CERTAIN DOOM IS THE KINGDOM, NOT CHRISTIANITY. Christianity has rejected Christ’s government and became an institutionalized rebellion against God – in the name of God! It has declared itself to be the Kingdom, the true light of the world, and has hijacked the purposes of God. For this it owes God and the world an authentic and profound apology.

3) CHRISTIANITY COMMITTED THE SAME 5 CORE SINS OF JUDAISM, that historically forced God to expel the people of Israel into her Babylonian captivity and later dispersing them into global exile, including the Holocaust:

  • It denied Christ his Kingship and declared: God yes, king no: “We do not want him to rule us!”
  • Christianity has no king, but countless leaders instead, whom it literally obeys more than God
  • Led astray by big and small popes and patriarchs, it has become a loose conglomerate of conflicting leadership cults
  • It failed miserably to live the model community of the City of God as an alternative to a life without God
  • Instead of the Kingdom, it preached itself and is proselytizing new members, not making disciples of Christ

4) LUTHER’S REFORMATION DID NOT FINISH WHAT IT BEGAN. It started to call people out of spiritual Egypt, but not Egypt out of them. It led people into experiences of personal salvation, but never reached the Promised Land, the Kingdom. It remained stuck in the desert of collective disobedience and institutionalized rebellion. Uncrucified big egos, one-man shows and the shameless marketing of spiritual brands and labels became the trademark of Protestantism, while it remained helplessly bound to the Babylonian structure of the Jewish synagogue as its main delivery vehicle. “Church” became a series of staged, choreographed meetings: Predictable, boring, dead.

5) THE INSTITUTIONALIZED REBELLION OF THE CHURCH CHEATED THE WORLD OUT OF HEARING THE CORE MESSAGE OF GOD: Wake up from your demonic lie that you can live, organize and rule yourself apart from me, and come under the liberating government of the Kingdom of God.

6) THE SADEST VICTIMS OF THIS HISTORIC DECEPTION IS THE CHURCH ITSELF, ITS LEADERS AND MEMBERS. While believing to be the solution, they firmly remain part of the problem. Singing, saying and preaching “Lord, Lord”, but not doing what this Lord commands, leads into a gigantic deception and false security. Unless this changes drastically, millions of unrepentant Christians will spend their eternity the way they lived on earth: Without God. Jesus Christ will have to say to them: “I never knew you, away from me, you evildoers!”

7) THE PROPHETIC KAIROS OF DANIEL 2 HAS COME, when God is setting up his Kingdom. In a world helplessly caught up in a chaotic meta-crisis of failing political, economic and religious systems, the Government of Christ is bursting onto the scene like a bomb. The stone, rejected by the theologians, is becoming the capstone of a mountain that is filling the earth. This historic singularity is a sovereign act of God and requires our radical response.

8) THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST. While large parts of a self-sufficient and fragmented Christendom that has taught and organized itself to death is beginning to implode, the stones begin to cry out: “Hosanna, blessed is the King”! An overfed, gentrified and patriarchal Christendom has bulldozed its way long enough over the backs of the poor, migrants, the First Nations, women and children and kicked them out of its way like irritating stones. But God cares for those stones. In a last harvest, he compellingly invites them from the highways and hedges to fill the grand table of the wedding feast of God.

9) ESCAPING FROM RELIGION IS BECOMING A GLOBAL MASS PHENOMENON. Fewer and fewer people are falling for the cheap sales pitches of small-minded religious enthusiasts. The Spirit of God is calling everyone out of religion, the land of slavery. He inspires and mobilizes them to migrate from Sinai, the mountain of religion, to Mount Zion, and to repatriate back home into the House of the Father, the Kingdom. God is offering to heal anyone who has been traumatized by religion and offers a factory reset to become the sons and daughters of the King. This will give millions a second chance to thrive and finally become who they are destined to be.

10) THE REFORNATION FINISHES WHAT THE REFORMATION BEGAN. Desperate situations call for desperate means, not cosmetic changes. The REFORNATION is a radical roadmap and action plan based on the templates of the Kingdom of God, God’s original and final nation. The core principle is not human religion, but “on earth, as it is in heaven.”God is calling all that are willing to hear back into his Kingdom orders, statutes and regulations that have been relentlessly trampled on by classical Christianity: His Kingship, the land rights distributed by God, his constitution – the Law of Christ – and his Kingdom economy. The age of REFORNATION is introducing completely new vessels for God’s glory: Houses, arks, embassies and colonies as a part of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom. This also leads to a new mission: Rather than expanding small-minded denominationalism, God calls us to work with him to re-invent a world corroded by greed, egos and fear. Finally, we will see a new and culminating chapter opened in the relationship between the people of the Kingdom and God’s first love, Israel..